Preserving the past.
Embracing the future.

Friends of the Mansion was founded by Former First Lady Cathy Keating in 1995. Our focus was the preservation of the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion, and the timing was perfect: The Mansion needed a new roof, air conditioning for the third-floor ballroom, and interior renovations to restore the Mansion’s original glory and better incorporate  Oklahoma history. Friends of the Mansion was instrumental in the $1 million initiative, including private fundraising efforts to make the renovations and restoration efforts possible. 

Today, we continue working in partnership with Oklahoma’s First Family to preserve and promote the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion. We proudly lead Mansion preservation/improvement initiatives, special events, educational outreach, and private fundraising efforts to ensure the Mansion’s continued vitality and value to Oklahomans. We are a non-partisan, nonprofit organization open to members across the state. 

If you believe the Mansion’s rich history and historical treasures should be protected, preserved, and shared with Oklahomans for generations to come, we invite you to join us!